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Serial Killer & Infamous Criminal Address List - WINTER 2020/21 - Digital Download .PDF


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Our lists have been hijacked by several true crime websites - any free version of this list that you find on the internet will be outdated.

Although we update the list regularly, we are only a one man operation - and therefore there may indeed be a few errors here and there - since inmate addresses change, deaths occur and transfers are all very common occurrences - we may miss or overlook certain info as we are only human. I, however, do my very best to maintain the integrity of the list and the overwhelming vast majority of the 660+ addresses are indeed correct and up to date. We welcome any information to help keep the list at its very best.

The latest edition is WINTER 2020/21; Revision 1.0: Latest update December 13, 2020
Total Estimated Addresses: 650
The WINTER 2020 update is a massive update. We spent around a week correcting old addresses, correcting tranfers and removing deaths and releases


When you notice that we have released an updated or revised list simply email us with your original order number and request the update and it will be emailed to you. We update several times a year. Offer good for one year after original purchase

Upon check out you will instantly receive an automated email with a direct link to the .pdf file. Simply click the link to load the .pdf in your browser and then save it to your computer by choosing file/save from within your browser. In the rare event that your mail client marks the email as spam and you do not receive the email - simply send us an email at requesting the list.

Some of the recent additions/updates to the address list:

Winter 2020/21

Cleaned up list/Removed deaths/Corrected errors

Elias Abuelazam (US)
China Arnold (US)
Quincy Allen (US)
Cary Stayner (US)
John Bittrolff (US)
Paul Devoe (US)
Jesse Dobbs (US)
Ronald Dominique (US)
Michael Drabing (US)
Ronald Drane (US)
Anthony Sowell (US)
John Robert Williams (US)
David Wood (US)
Clnton Bankston (US)
Levi Aron (US)
Matthew Hoffman (US)
Elmer Wayne Henley (US)
Robin Gecht (US)
Luther Casteel (US)
Lindsay Haugen (US)
Linda Couch (US)
Miguel Martinez (US)
Shane Whipple (US)
Scott Kimball (US)
Robert Charles Browne (US)
​Kip Kinkel (US)
Jesse James Hollywood (US)
Robert J. bardo (US)
Robert B. Rhoades (US)
Teodoro Baez (US)
Heriberto Seda (US)

Summer 2020
Stephan Cannon (US)
Kyle Rittenhouse (US)
Marquise Lee Love (US)
Robert S. Kelly (R Kelly) (US)
Joseph Maldonado-Passage (Joe Exotic) (US)
Robert Hayes (US)
Brianna Williams (US)
Gloria Williams (US)

Winter 2019/2020
Patrick Crusius
Zephen Allen Xaver

Spring 2019
James Michael Wright (US)
Alexander Whipple (US)
Clarisa Figueroa (US)
Desiree Figueroa (US)

Devon Erickson (US)
Trystan Andrew Terrell (US)
John Earnest (US)
Rogel Aguilera-Mederos (US)
JoAnn Cunningham (US)
Andrew Freund Sr (US)
Caleb “Kai” McGillvary (US)
Jamell Demons (US)
Christopher Watts (US)
Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda (US)
Eric Holder (US)
Holden Matthews (US)
Matthew Dempsey (US)
Joseph James DeAngelo (US)
Shayna Hubers (US)
Karina Aparecida da Silva Roque (Brazil)

Patrick Frazee (US)
Jake Thomas Patterson (US)
Eric Black Jr (US)
Cesar Sayoc (US)
Robert Bowers (US)
Gregory Bush (US)
Joseph James DeAngelo (US)
Travis Reinking (US)
Nikolas J. Cruz (US)
Bobby Ray Gilbert (US)
James E. Holmes (US)
Todd Kohlhepp (US)
Removed Charles Manson
Removed Edgar Ray Killen
David Turpin (US)
Louise Turpin (US)
Allan Legere (Canada)
Aaron Lawson (US)
David Berkowitz (US)
Dylann Storm Roof (US)
Quinton tellis (US)
John Bittrolff (US)
Ryan Sharpe (US)
Bill Moore (US)
Frankie Gebhardt (US)

Nathaniel Sebastian (US)
Everett Glenn Miller (US)
James Alex Fields (US)
Obdulia Sanchez (US)
Cosmo DiNardo (US)
Sean Michael Kratz (US)
David Desper (US)
Brendt Christensen (US)
Armin Meiwes (Germany)
Magda Marinko (Hungary)
Balogh Lajos (Hungary)
Igor Suprunyuck (Ukraine)
Viktor Sayenko (Ukraine)
Damian Herrera (US)
Jeffrey Peacock (US)
Gypsy Rose Blancharde (US)
George Brinkman (US)
Jason Vukovich (US)
Jeremy Joseph Christian (US)
Christian Lee Gulzow (US)
Kori Ali Muhammad (US)
Todd Kohlhepp (US)
Richard Rojas (US)
Hadden Clark (US)
Ronnie Leon Hyde (US)
Markeith Loyd (US)
Gloria Williams (US)
Jacob Sullivan (US)
Sara Packer (US)
Johnthony K. Walker (US)
Jesse Dobbs (US)
Wayne Williams (US)
Jeffrey Thomas Willis (US)

Michael Mullins (US)
Shawn Grate (US)
Michelle Martens (US)
Fabian Gonzales (US)
Jessica Kelley (US)
Rodney Earl Sanders (US)
Russell Tillis (US)
Anders Behring Breivik (Norway)
Carl Abuhl (US)
David Kalac (US)
Zachery Davis (US)
David Eisenhauer (US)
Natalie Keepers (US)
Levi Bellfield (UK)
Joanna Dennehy (UK)
Salvatore Perrone (US)
Richard Paul White (US)
Jason Thomas (US)
Joseph D. Roberts (US)
Jared Loughner (US)
John Allen Rubio (US)
Mark David Chapman (US)
Olga Rutterschmidt (US)
Helen Golay (US)
Gregory Graf (US)
Kyle Hulbert (US)
Angela Stoldt (US)

Gary L. Ridgway (US)
James Holmes (US)
Dylann Roof (US)
T. J. Lane (US)
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (US)
Robert Lewis Dear (US)
Jodi Arias (US)
Amanda K. Logue (US)
Tami Joy Huntsman (US)
Charles Stanard Severance (US)
Michael A. Jones (US)
Anna Yocca (US)
Robert Pickton (Canada)
William Clyde Gibson (US)
James Colley (US)
William Ruben Ebron (US)
Lonna Lauramore Barton (US)
Elias Abuelazam (US)
Eric Mickelson (US)
Samuel Little (US)
Donnie Cochenour Jr. (US)
Jessica Reid (US)
Julius Webster (US)
Robert Rembert (US)
Homer Lee Jackson (US)
Alexander Hernandez (US)
Stephen McDaniel (US)
Brian Draper (US)
Christopher Simmons (US)
Benjamin Darras (US)
Jacob Ind (US)
John Jason Mclaughlin (US)
Josiah Ivy (US)
Zachery Eggers (US)
David Hightower (US)
Dustin Lynch (US)
William Scott Lang (US)
Jacob L. Davis (US)
Clay Shrout (US)
David Freeman (US)
Byran Freeman (US)
Gregory Graf (US)
Anthony Garcia (US)
Aeman Presley (US)
Michael E. Adams (US)
William Howell (US)
Martin Puccio (US)
Angela Stoldt (US)
Darren Deon Vann (US)
Eric Frein (US)
Pedro Bravo (US)
Steve Gordon (US)
Franc Cano (US)
Daphne McDaniels (US)
Miranda Barbour (US)
Gregory Hale (US)
Michael Dunn (US)
Chane' van Heerden (South Africa)
Maartens van der Merwe (South Africa)
Alyssa Bustamante (US)
Drew Peterson (US)
Ira Einhorn (US)
Charles Bronson (UK)
Thomas Silverstein (US)
Omaima Nelson (US)
Brenda Spencer (US)
Jesse James Hollywood (US)
Jared Cano (US)
Steven Pieper (US)
Keith Randulich (US)
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (US)
Jake Evans (US)
Amy Bishop-Anderson (US)
Christopher Pittman (US)
Timothy Hoffner (US)
Jeremy Sly (US)
James Holmes (US)
Christoper Scarver (US)
Andre Rand (US)
Ronald Defeo (US)
Luka Magnotta (Canada)
Anders Breivik (Norway)
Ole Nicolai Kvisler (Norway)
John Ausonius (Sweden)
Peter Mangs (Sweden)
Donato Bilancia (Italy)
Erich Priebke (italy)
Janusz WaluÅ› (South Africa)

Beate Zschäpe (Germany)


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