The following interviews were conducted between Serial Killers Ink and the specific inmate.
These interviews are exclusive property to Serial Killers Ink and cannot be used in any form elsewhere without the prior written consent of Serial Killers Ink.

Michael Alig
Larry Bittaker
Leo Boatman
Gary Bowles
Michael Carneal
Douglas Clark
Hadden Clark
James Daveggio
Charles Lee Duffy
Melissa Ferris
Bernard Giles
Harrison Graham
Sean Hanify
Wayne Henley
Phillip Jablonski
Keith Jesperson
Theresa Knorr
Bobby Joe Long
Bobby Maxwell
Richard McCroskey
Bruce Mendenhall
Justina Morley
Roy Norris
Clifford Olson
Dorothea Puente
Daniel Rakowitz
Richard Ramirez
Paul Runge
Jim Ruzicka
William Sapp
Sylvia Seegrist
Luke Woodham